Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Tanzanian Housemaid Is Killed In Saudi Arabia Over A "Glass Of Juice"

What have we not seen, heard? What have I not reported, documented to the world? And yet, just when you hope for things to get better, another death case of a Domestic worker strikes in the Middle East mainly Saudi Arabia! Enjoying an evening session of Vanilla shake  earlier today, my phone started beeping with dozens of whatsapp audio messages.

 I plugged my headphones and started listening to each an everyone of them. For few seconds, I felt like the earth stopped "moving", every nerve of my body system fixed on the voice of a crying lady, begging for help.

This young lady spoke in Swahili, sounded weak and was continuously crying. In some of her audios she spoke of how her employer was not giving her food, how she didn't have access to the toilette among-st other complaints. Then I received the picture above depicting a bloody face. So what actually happened?
In her Audio message, she talks of how she prepared juice for her employer and somehow mixed the proportions of the drink wrong. Her employer angered by what happened, brutally abused her. In the audio she complains of severe headache and how the pain had even severely affected her ears. This young soul, is reported to have died 3 days ago! There is another swahili audio of her husband who screams out "you killed her! you killed her!! you refused to let her go since you claimed you paid a lot of money for her."


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