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One of the reasons many jurisdictions refuse to use court cameras, is because a case ran in a court with a camera many times ends up controlled by television stations, thus the major case factors end up ignored and sensationalism takes over. Many times the end judgement of that case fails to serve the right purpose. I need to take a second and remove Director Comey off the CNN noise and we look closely at who is Comey, and what he has accomplished. In brief Comey a 56 year old man, is married with about five children. A level three employee of the government thus earns about 173,000 dollars annually. In  authority, the Attorney General is number 7 from the president, and the director of FBI is number 8. He is under the Justice Department, and he is entitled to an air craft with permission to fly on FBI business or private business. He holds an entitlement of a 24 hour protection, by the way he is allowed to fly internally or internationally. Generally speaking FBI is the Federal Police, therefore he covers the entire country.


I have spent many years in this forum lamenting on how president Obama has failed to protect Americans, but actually I never expected the president to fly into Boston and protect the marathon, I was blaming the president for he failed to push this man to protect Americans. Yes we have blamed Obama for he has become the president that has addressed the most mass shooting in US history, Obama reached this point for the Director of FBI failed to protect Americans. Well let us look at the numbers. Under Ronald Reagan 8Yrs 11 mass shootings, incidents with 8 or more deaths 5. Under H W Bush 4Yrs 12 mass shootings, incidents with 8 or more deaths 3. Under Bill Clinton 8Yrs 23 mass shootings, incidents with 8 or more deaths 4. Under G W Bush 8Yrs 20 mass shootings, incidents with 8 or more deaths 5. Now watch this one, Under Barrack Obama at only 7 years, he had 162 mass shootings, incidents with 8 or more deaths a whopping 18. There are many other factors to consider but the failure of FBI is at the top of the food chain. Under this same man Comey cities have gone to the dogs, and I have done a very good job to raise those names as Chicago, Minnesota, New Orleans and so on. Comey did not only fail to combat crime, but there has been many major incidences where Americans expected him to  protect them and he failed as well, and I raise the unmasking issue, I raise the IRS when it invaded people's privacy as examples.


Comey failed due to many reasons, but most high he failed to recognize himself as an FBI director but a Washington politician, the man simply became too powerful to even fit in his office. He took himself out of the chain of command, and he became an independent entity. During his testimony Comey said that when he saw that The AG told him to address the Hillary Clinton issue as a matter than an investigation, when he saw that president Clinton walked on the tarmac to  talk to the AG, he decided to call for a press conference without the knowledge of the AG. At that point who was the boss of the other? Was it Comey or the Attorney General? In the same testimony he said, I am here to make a statement about the Hillary  Investigation but the AG has no clue what I am about to say. No Comey you do not hold that authority. In the last testimony he claimed that he felt very bad about president Trump, but did not report anything to the current AG or assistant AG for he did not trust them, therefore he decided to brief his own FBI command structure. And there are two problems here, why did Comey find president Obama's AG not trustworthy, and he is now finding president Trump's AG not trustworthy as well? Is it possible the problem is with Comey? The American system was created very smart, if the FBI director has a problem with a sitting AG he walks to the senate, you never get out of the command structure yet Comey made it his profession.


As an FBI director, Comey talked to president trump, and after that discussion, he wrote a report about that meeting. If he wrote that report on a paper, that paper automatically became a government property, if he wrote that report on a laptop, that laptop becomes a government laptop, or must have been a government laptop to start with. The day he was fired, Comey decided to send a government property to a friend so that it gets leaked, without an authorization from the DOJ. Friends, the Department of Justice controls these people to this point, Comey today is a fired man, but even if he had just retired, and he decides to write a book, Comey must send it to the DOJ, they read it, and after two and sometimes three years, return it with  yes you can send it to the publisher, or no you cannot. And that is for his entire life. If a current or former FBI agent ever writes anything and it gets published without the permission of The DOJ, he ends up in jail at least 10 years and he can lose his pension. I will be very surprised if Comey is not arrested for the leak he himself bragged about under oath. But that is to show as well how powerfully he regarded himself, he believed that he held the authority to even un classify and leak.


Comey was a good man but politicians like The Clintons and Obama took him up and used him, and in the process he lost his path, and he saw himself as the most powerful man, forgetting that any time a politician uses you, he ends up burning you.  There were many times that president Obama should have fired this man, he just did not have the strength or guts to do so.


James Comey let the door not hit you as you are exiting sir.


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