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In today's edition - Sunday June 4 2017
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The Times & Sunday Times
Sunday June 4 2017
In today's edition
The Editor's note on the terror attack:
Terror came appallingly close to The Sunday Times last night. We watched in horror as emergency vehicles swarmed over London Bridge and the first reports of injuries and possible fatalities reached us on our doorstep. Members of our own staff were witnesses to the attack and our chief sub-editor had to leap out of harm's way. Mercifully he was not hurt.

It is possible the timing was no coincidence, coming on the eve of the concert mourning the victims of the Manchester bombing and only five days before the general election.

Our message to the merchants of death is that Britain will not be cowed and democracy will prevail. You will not have our hate, as the brave widower of the Bataclan attacks in Paris said, but there will be justice. We are stronger and better than those who seek to divide and destroy us.
Carnage at London Bridge as terrorists target revellers
Two terrorists apparently wearing suicide vests were shot dead by police early today after a van and knife rampage on London Bridge, in which at least one passer-by was killed
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'The van was coming right at me. I jumped into the road'
A Sunday Times journalist told how he cheated death by leaping out of the way of the van as it ploughed into pedestrians on London Bridge
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Classy Ronaldo drives Euro stars to glory
Real Madrid win their 12th European Cup as their Portuguese talisman scores twice to lift Los Blancos past Juventus 4-1 at the Principality stadium in Cardiff
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