Saturday, June 10, 2017


JEREMY CORBYN STANDING UP FOR THE OPPRESSED Of AFRICA..  How many people know that Jeremy Corbyn is the only UK MP who has consistently highlighted the plight of Africa, and used parliament to fight the imperialist polices of western nations, including those of the UK,  which still chain African people to abject poverty?  On 23 May 2013, Jeremy Corbyn organised the Iraqi Anti-War Protest On The Streets Of London, Attended By Over 2 million People, Believed To Be One Of The Biggest Mass Demonstrations In The History Of Mankind.
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'At a time when Thatcher was calling Nelson Mandela a terrorist and a young David Cameron was living it up on all expenses paid tours around apartheid South Africa, Jeremy Corbyn was being roughed up and arrested for blockading the South African embassy in London.'

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