Thursday, June 29, 2017

{UAH} Oh My God: A female sniper narrowly escapes death at the hands of IS.

Afuwa kasule/Maymuna,

Have a look at this shocking picture of a female sniper fighting against ISIS. This shocking video has just gone viral and wild on social media. It captures the brutality of war in its gory details, live on camera. Life Or Death Is Just A Matter Of Nano Seconds or  millimetres. What Is Shocking Is The Stoic And Nonchalant Manner In Which This Female Soldier Accepts Her Brush With Death. Just look at the bullet holes around her, and then look at the smile on her face. These are live bullets being fired at her by ISIS in the hand to hand combat now going on  to dislodge ISIS from Mosul. She is prepared to kill or be killed. She has accepted her fate. There is no turning back.  That's what war  does to human beings. But that's what we communists want to end.  We want to recapture our common humanity and love for life and for one another. We Communists want to end all wars. We Want to end barbarity and human misery.  We want universal peace in the world.

BBC News

A female sniper narrowly escapes death at the hands of IS.

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