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{UAH} On the late Lawrence Mukiibi saga

On the late Lawrence Mukiibi saga

Lawrence Mukiibi's orphans, said to number

Lawrence Mukiibi's orphans, said to number between 50 and 100 has attracted the attention of Ugandans. PHOTO BY SADAT MBOGO 

By Heart to Heart

Kiyemba Harunah. Do we still have inspector of schools in Uganda? Can someone describe for me their role? How can the dark secrets of St. Lawrence schools go on for years without anyone raising an alarm? Many people are saying these were consenting adults. Taking advantage of my ignorance is a crime. Then came the white themed funeral of a man who took away dignity and pride of our innocent girls.
How hypocritical can society be? Church says he repented, agreed, but is there a lesson learnt because there are many privately run secondary schools where the same evil is going on unnoticed. Mbu let the man rest in peace, how can he rest in peace where more than 100 girls and women are being haunted by his evil deeds?
Let the world know the truth and do away with such immorality.
Sainah T Bakar. You have a point Haruna. This professor was evil and poor women out there are being haunted by his evil deeds. We must know that most of these girls must have been blackmailed to keep quiet out. He may have repented in church but I believe he never asked his victims for forgiveness.
Nakazibwe Cathy. It is so unfortunate that we cannot do anything about it now the man is dead and annoying that his funeral was all white as if he was an angel. Way forward, let us mention the headmasters, directors and teachers in different schools who sexually harass students. Action should be taken against such when they are still alive.
Immaculate Mavis Agedo. Our current Uganda is a state that glorifies the wicked while the righteous are persecuted. We hate to be bold. We hate to say "gundi, stop!". We want to massage their egos and to assure them we are there for them.
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