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{UAH} Security agents pin bosses at Museveni meeting

Security agents pin bosses at Museveni meeting
  • Written by JOHNSON TAREMWA

Before a meeting with a team of security agents led by Police chief Kale Kayihura at State House Entebbe on May 31, President Museveni separately met with mid-level police leadership and their intelligence counterparts from around the country.

According to our sources, Museveni sought the meeting to understand the source of the escalating murders and robberies around the country. During that meeting, sources said, the mid-level police officers and intelligence agents told the president they are too deprived of cash and other resources by their bosses to undertake meaningful policing, let alone take on criminal gangs.

Although the inspector general of police, Kale Kayihura, had been invited to Entebbe, he was excluded from the president's first meeting with these police officers.

According to our sources, for three hours the president prodded the officers for answers on why murders are spiraling out of control yet police is allocated much more money than the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and Internal Security Organisation (ISO).

"Before this meeting, the president has been receiving security briefs and reports from high-ranking officers only," a State House source told this writer at the weekend.

President Museveni inspecting an army guard of honour recently

Museveni later invited Kayihura and his team, who included the director of Criminal Investigations, Grace Akullo, director of Operations Asuman Mugenyi, and director of Crime Intelligence, Col Ndahura Atwoki, among others, to the second meeting.

That meeting, which was covered by the president's press team, had district police commanders, and district Internal Security Officers, among others.

Asked to comment on Saturday, Asan Kasingye, the police spokesperson, confirmed the president had met the middle-level officers last week.

"It is true the president held a meeting with police at State House on Wednesday and it was attended by DPCs from Greater Masaka, Kampala and Wakiso," he said.

According to Kasingye, the president called the meeting to address the rising number of murders and robberies in some parts of the country.

"The president was receiving security briefs from [middle-level] officers about the increased crime in their areas and the way forward," he said.

Kasingye added that the president also discussed security plans with police. Asked about claims by DPCs that they don't have adequate resources to fight crime, Kasingye said he was not in the meeting and therefore couldn't comment about what trans- pired.


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