Sunday, June 18, 2017

{UAH} Uganda has no water Mulindwa


Let me shock you - Uganda has no water in next fifteen years if the
condition remains as they are today! I have scanned Kigezi and Ankole
- if these region can get totally dry then don't be so sure of Uganda

In Luweero they sunk a well to supply water to the town (just as you
branch to Luweero Town from Kasana that huge tank is empty) - the
facility has never supplied water to the town.

Who cares anyway?!

There is no way , you can get what you write about without an infrastructure!

You worked with Uganda Posts and Telecommunication. How many people
own a fixed telephone line in Uganda? You remember there was Amin's
grand plan to extend telephone lines to every corner I think this
program had started by 1978.

Uganda produce copper or we don't?!

We sold the mines to the Chinese - but the Chinese are nowhere to be seen.

you see such things put me off totally.

UTL is dead because Libyans were better than our own aspirations. The
country is no more!

NRM is overtly corrupt. That is the problem.



Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero

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