Wednesday, June 7, 2017

{UAH} Why is Dr. Besigye silent on Kyaddondo East?

I have not heard the iron man speak on the election campaigns now going on in his urban home area from where he often launches forays into the forbidden city of Jennifer. He was no where to be seen when Nandala Mafabi was roughed up by FDC hotheads and now the party has two candidates in the fray. Muntu was in the area and even away, has been leading party business in the interest of the party.

Is Besigye abroad or is he torn between backing Kantinti the official blue contestant and Bobi Wine who is pulling "insane" crowds, as we predictably suspected he would?

I am very sure that Besigye doesn't believe in FDC structures and prefers to see himself as a lone bulldozer but he could do with a new face as a tool in the House. At some moment, i though we could get to run for the seat himself but i think he is quite above that and deserves something more substantial if only he could concede his true weight in the scheme of things.

It's funny hearing him and some FDCs accusing "government" of failing in this and the other yet he claimed to have won the election and constituted a government. So is he blaming himself or should we do memes about the whole affair and wait for 2021?

Kyokka Besigye, ne Museveni amumatila!

Robert Atuhairwe

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