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SV: {UAH} Nyakibale Students Burn ?Cruel? Teacher in Building



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Nyakibale Students Burn 'Cruel' Teacher in Building

The office in which Amutuhaire was burnt by students
The office in which Amutuhaire was burnt by students
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Angry students of St. Gerald's Secondary School, Nyakibale this morning locked one of their teachers in a building and set it alight to kill him.
The students went on rampage and tried to murder the teacher identified as Longino Amutuhaire, who they accused of being cruel to them.
At 6am, the teacher was cornered by the students in one of the offices of the administration block, which they locked and set it on fired.
Luckily for the teacher, another group of sympathetic students came in and managed to break in and rescue him.
These were unable to put out the fire and everything in the office was destroyed.
Nazarious Byaruhanga, the school head teacher who was not at the school at the time of the fire says he called in Police from Rukungiri Police Station, which managed to put out the fire before it could spread to other parts of the block.
He described the incident as 'very unfortunate' and said that the students behind it would face the law.
He says that Amutuheire, the teacher who suffered severe burns was rushed to Nyakibale Hospital in where he is receiving treatment.
Elly Matte Kigezi Regional Police spokesman said that the police had deployed at the school and restored calm.


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