Monday, July 24, 2017

{UAH} 5 Things About Today

1) Judicial officers one month ultimatum to government to increase their salaries starts today until 24th August 2017. Judicial officers want salary of Chief Justice increased from UGX20m to UGX55m, Deputy Chief Justice from UGX18m to UGX53m, Principle Judge UGX10m to UGX50m, Supreme Court justices from UGX9m to UGX34m, Court of Appeal justices from UGX9m to UGX33m, High Court Judges from UGX9m to UGX31m, Chief Registrar from UGX4m to UGX27M, registrars from UGX4m to UGX23m, Assistant registrars from UGX3m to 20m, CM from UGX2m to UGX17m, Principal Magistrates Grade one: UGX2m to UGX14m, Senior Principle Magistrate Grade one UGX2.4M to UGX14m 

2) Commission of inquiry into land issues resumes public hearing today two weeks after it took a technical break. During the commission, the commission registered 160 new complaints; most of them were reviewed & selected for public hearing. The commission also used the technical break to start preparing interim report which is required to be submitted to President Museveni

3) Jinja High Court Judge Eva Luswata is today expected to preside over  Ruhinda MP Donozio Kahonda's bail application. Hon. Kahonda's bail application flopped last week following prosecutors strike which paralyzed court activities. In June, MP Kahonda was sentenced to nine months imprisonment at Kirinya government prison after the Jinja court found him guilty of fraudulently obtaining recruitment at the Military academy in Jinja.

4) Dr. Jackson Orem, the executive director Uganda Cancer Institute, says radiotherapy machine for cancer treatment will start working in September this year. UGX2.6b machine will arrive in the country late this month and will take another month in experimentation before technicians start using it for treatment

5) At least 24 people have been killed and 42 others injured in a suicide car bomb in the Afghan capital, Kabul. The attacker detonated a bomb in his car in a mainly Shia neighbourhood in the west of the city. Kabul has seen a string of recent attacks including at least 150 casualties when a truck bomb exploded in May.


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