Thursday, July 27, 2017

{UAH} Attitude of Minimalism in Public Service/Government Departments

Today I had a discussion with a civil servant. We were talking about training for upskilling, closing skill gaps and updating skill levels for civil servants. At first this gentleman asked me 'training for what? How many civil servants have you trained before?.

I took him through the merits of such training, at first thinking that he did not understand or appreciate them. He tells me that all government departments come up with training budgets, but it never happens! Money is diverted. Secondly that government is only interested in employing people who have done training by themselves, because it feels that the training benefits not the government but the individual person. This is so because of the fact that civil servants only use about 5% of for example technological resources at their exposure - they do a basic job - so they do not need much sophistication, no need for certifications, nothing.

Another point he brought out is the fact that Ugandan government does not appreciate neither does it respect expertise, that is why we see professors being used. That is why we have academic PHD Holders are headed by a minister who has limited or no clue about education.

Well, we talked about so many things happening in Uganda, and trust me civil servants are not happy with the way things are in the country, but they are hanging in because they have to pay their bills.

And I think from this conversation we can understand why service delivery is the poorest in EAC region because of the MINIMALISTIC attitude in government departments. All systems have been broken down! What else can be done apart from fighting kisanja and age limit removal proponents to save this country?

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