Wednesday, July 19, 2017

{UAH} Beware of Museveni money, Sejusa tells Bobi Wine

General David Sejjusa alias Tinyefuza is back with special advice for Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and the Ugandan opposition on how to move forward.

In a lengthy dossier publicised by his ally Dr Vincent Magombe, Sejusa started by congratulating for winning the Kyadondo seat with over 80%.

"So Bobi Wine keep to your core constituency. Feel their pulse, protect them from rampant arrests. When drawing a programme, start with those things at the heart of your group. Which is spread all over the country," Sejusa writes.

"First things first. Traditional opposition stalwarts will try to undermine you. But they can't undermine the ghetto. It is unreachable, so your core constituency can be very resilient."

Sejusa further warned Bobi Wine that President Yoweri Museveni too will come in the same way he brought Betty Kamya [Kampala minister], Frank Tumwebaze [ICT minister], and before them Jenifer Musisi [KCCA executive director].

"But as we all know, he loses by 90%. Be careful of his money, see what Kato Lubwama has become. Useless jack. You don't not need his money. Because you will soon get yours to help your people."

Sejusa further warned Bobi Wine that Museveni never gives up. He is a formidable enemy when it comes to those who want a share in the affairs of their country.

"Be aware. It is doable but you must remain with your people. Possible conflict with lord mayor, Erias Lukwago. This is the third point. Conflict with Lord Mayor Lukwago should be out of the question. You must meet and work together because you share the same core constituency. So, meet and chart a way out without being confrontational."

Sejusa told Bobi that when opposition fights, they divide the core base.

"Identify this core base, friendly forces, then those at the periphery who can come on board. Then the hard-core traitors. Deal with each as the situation dictates."

The base Note this, the lumpen proletariat (bayaye/or unskilled labourers), have always been the majority in all struggles for freedom, he pointed out, adding, there are never enough professors to pick up guns or to go to sewers and fight for freedom.

"Therefore, always the majority, the daring the young and majority voters are these people. Even in Luweero they constituted 97%! Such is their power. And with Museveni unemployment debacle at 91%, Uganda is only hem!"

He said the difference is that while they are the majority, they have never got organic leaders among their midst. This is the first time with Bobi Wine that they have got their inner ghetto cadre who prescribes to their ideology, their way of life and their anger.

Museveni wasted all his time disempowering the Eria Kategayas of this world who would have helped this country, Sejusa wrote, noting that he should be ready for an interesting development now.

"That's for another time though. Traditional opposition now to traditional opposition leaders, encourage these young people. They are less predictable and more versatile and with broader activist bases. Encourage them instead of competing with them."

He adds: "Last point, the Bobi Wines of this world protect yourselves. Those who die fight not battles brothers and sisters."

"When a man is stung by a bee, he doesn't set off to destroy all beehives"

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