Monday, July 31, 2017

{UAH} Congressman?s Wife Comes Forward On ?Trump Tapes? Proving Treason, Mueller Investigating

Congressman's Wife Comes Forward On 'Trump Tapes' Proving Treason, Mueller Investigating

According to Congressman Alan Grayson's wife, Dr. Dena Grayson, two separate reliable sources have confirmed that there are Trump tapes proving that Donald Trump personally conspired with Russia and that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is aware of them.

"I have 2 reliable sources who say MSM (mainstream media) already possesses tapes of #Trump merrily treasoning w/Russia," Dr. Grayson tweeted this afternoon. "Per my sources: Mueller's backing the traitors into a corner & will 1st nail those AROUND #Trump👉then Trump. MSM also has tapes of Trump kids/associates merrily treasoning w/#Russia, which likely will drop BEFORE Trump's."

She also claims that there are tapes of Trump's kids and associates being in on the action.

The tweet initially came out as a response to former White House staffer Claude Taylor who said that she's "told with certainty by a most reliable source that 'Big News' tying Trump directly to Russia is going to drop. Exact timing only question."




Right now the sources are anonymous, for obvious reasons, but given the credibility of the sources, it's fair to say that something big involving a 'Trump tape' is going to drop, and soon.

If Mueller is actively investigating, they could be trying to get their ducks in a row before releasing the information, so Trump or his lawyers aren't able to interfere in the process.

This is still a developing story.


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