Friday, July 21, 2017


Presidential Special Assistant in charge of Operations, Maj. Roland
Kakooza Mutale has said that, without President Yoweri Museveni,
Lord's Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony with the help of state army
from Central African Republic could could storm Kampala and install
himself President.
According to Mutale, no tribe or region that has a standing army in
Uganda other than the Acholi, and the army is intact in Central
African Republic waiting for an opportune moment.
So if Ugandans want Joseph Kony to remain where he is or even beyond,
do away with age limits and allow President Museveni to stand for
He said that in order for one to understand the paradox of this, one
has to read a book The Northern Question by Prof. Ginywera Pincwa.
But Mutale also have his own complaints. He went to the bush in
November 1980 in Bamunaanika, Luwero even before elections and he
wanted to be a President but he did not.
He was the first National Political Commissar of NRM/NRA who started
the School of Political Education now National Leadership Institute
Kyankwanzi, but was replaced by Dr.Kizza Besigye. He did not have a
chance of presidential nomination to C.A. where, he, according to him,
would have fought for all presidential limits including term, age,
academic qualifications, so that all Ugandans could stand in a
republic, other than limiting to intellectuals when the professor
ruled for only 68 days.
He was speaking at a press conference held by NRM Buganda Publicity
Secretaries at NRM Kampala Central Division Offices at Mukwano Mall,
Kyaggwe Road Thursday July 20th 2017.
They are coordinated by former Youth MP for Central Region Patrick
Nakabaale and they wanted presidential age limits lifted.
They want NRM to have a commercial wing just like RPF in Rwanda, so
that it can supplement where government fails.
They want to go into production side by side with mobilization.
Mutale said that holding press conferences, attending radio and TV
talk shows, and holding rallies in Kampala and Wakiso alone could not
remove President Museveni.
In his words, even if the whole of Buganda reject the President, three
other quarters of Uganda could vote for him.
He cited remote areas like Obongi in West Nile where or some where in
Teso, where one could rig and no body could detect. However he did not
say that rigging is by or for President Museveni, as some media quoted
him out of context.

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