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This week's highlights from African Arguments.
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Why Kenya's 2017 elections will be like none before

Presidential candidates are being heckled at their own rallies. Voters are going against the wishes of local elders. Ethnic leaders are dividing blocs by competing against each other.

Something has changed in Kenyan elections. Here's what and what it means.

The African trade revolution quietly afoot

Against the backdrop of tumultuous global trading landscape, an African trade revolution is quietly afoot. In the past 18 months, negotiations over the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) have moved rapidly.

This ambitious endeavour would enhance intra-African trade, encompassing 55 countries, 1.2 billion people and a combined GDP of $2.19 trillion.

Rwanda's election outcome is already decided

Rwanda is gearing up for presidential elections on 4 August, but there is no doubt what the outcome will be. Opposition candidates have been met with bureaucratic obstruction, intimidation and oppression.

President Paul Kagame, in power since 1994, is likely to win the vote with 90% or more. 

Uganda: Why the unrest in Rwenzori isn't over

In the past few years, violence has flared up in the western region of Rwenzori on a number of occasions. The government has stemmed this unrest with a combination of lethal retaliation and patronage. 

This has contained the fighting, but it has not resolved the underlying problems, which continue to simmer.

Child soldiers at risk as CAR peace deal unravels

The Central African Republic's latest peace deal, signed in Rome this June, involved the government along with representatives of 13 of 14 recognised armed groups. It barely lasted 24 hours.

This has grave implications for the country, especially for an estimated 13,000 child soldiers who face unique challenges in returning to normal life. 

Kenya: whirlwind weekend underscores poll uncertainties

Last weekend was a busy one for Kenya. Nine people were beheaded by al-Shabaab . The Secretary of Internal Security died suddenly. President Kenyatta accused the judiciary of meddling. And opposition leader Odinga was briefly hospitalised.

These were unrelated but together underscore the challenges facing Kenya as the 8 August elections approach.

Uganda: 3 lessons from the Bobi Wine's triumph

This week, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu, a 35-year-old musician better known as Bobi Wine, was inaugurated. He won a by-election on the outskirts of Kampala last week by a landslide. 

Here are three lessons that we can learn from his triumph.

Kenyatta vs. Odinga: A study in contrasts

After the August elections, the presidential seat will be occupied either by the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta or stalwart opposition challenger Raila Odinga.

What differentiates these two men? How have they run their campaigns? Who's out in front?

Photo of the Week: Eat, sleep, breathe football

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1) Kenya's 2017 elections will be like none before. Here's why.

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