Monday, July 31, 2017

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Museveni was certainly in classes where History was being was being taught. Whether he himself learnt anything is highly debatable. Judging from what he has far done, doing and plans to do, hardly any history lesson was even half absorbed by him. It appears that his mind was always far away from what was being taught. No wonder he broke off studies in Dar-is-Salaam University to go in Mozambique to fight. The connection with Uganda at the time does not add up. Mozambique was under European colonial rule. Uganda was being ruled by Either Milton Obote or Iddi Amin Dada. Neither of them was a colonialist; whatever else they were. The obvious conclusion is that he got bored with class facts and went for live action with Mozambique providing a perfect excuse. He must have been there as a loose appendix because I did not see him connecting with Madame Micheal at Mandela's funeral. 
Having failed to make useful connection in Mozambique,he manoeuvred himself into UPC offices( where they were never particular about paper qualifications) with the help of Grace Ibingira and from there to the spy ring of Mikombe Mpambara and Akena Adoko.So much for his studies of history as he claims.

Secondly, Museveni is totally devoid of love of anybody. He is there for himself and that is all. What happens to his family after he is gone, is not a matter that engages his mind in any serious manner. He alludes to them in interviews but that is, in my view, for public consumption.  I hope I am wrong. If he seriously bothered about his children and grandchildren as he said during the campaigns,he would not have offered two at once in the firing line because this is not a conflict, in my view, he can possibly win. He is just delaying defeat. 

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