Thursday, July 27, 2017

{UAH} MURDER AT RIHAM: Staff Murdered Inside Riham Factory

MURDER AT RIHAM: Staff Murdered Inside Riham Factory

Police in Kawempe has started investigations into which a staff at Riham Group of companies' headquarters in Kawempe was found dead inside the factory on Tuesday night.

The deceased was identified as Nakayizi Annette 26 years who was working in labeling section and was a resident of Kazo zone in Kawempe division Kampala.

According to Ruth Nkamusiima the head of criminal Investigations at Kawempe police, they got information on Tuesday night that a staff of Riham died while on duty.

"In the morning of Wednesday a team of officers led by DPC, OC station, myself and other detectives went to the scene to find out how the deceased died.," Nkamusiima said.

Nkamusima added that upon reaching at the factory, police found when the body was already removed from the scene of crime and was in the nearby clinic.

She explained that police sealed off the area where she died from and recorded some statements from the staffs that were on duty with the deceased.

She said the body was taken to Mulago hospital for postmortem as investigations continue.

Nkamusima added that the case of murder was opened under police file number SD 78/24/07/2017.


When we interviewed some of the workers, who were on duty with the deceased, one of the workers told us that it was around 9:30pm when the deceased left and went to her locker to change her uniform and put on her clothes to go home.

She added few minutes later other workers went to pick their clothes and they found her lying down motionless.

"When we found her lying down, we called security and took her to the clinic where she was pronounced dead by nurses" A staff who refused to be quoted told us.

"We are still wondering how this lady died because she was not sick and we did not find blood where she was lying, "added another staff saying her death is still uncertain.

When contacted Okello Nimrod the Human Resource for Riham on phone also confirmed the death of one of their workers.

"It is true one of our workers died while on duty and the body was taken to Mulago hospital for postmortem and we are waiting for a report" Okello said.

Okello said they will issue a statement once a police report and a postmortem is issued to them.


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