Sunday, July 30, 2017

{UAH} Ocen/Pojim/Allan: Police reveal who attacked DP Ruto's Sugoi home in Eldoret

Most of last evening Kenyans were being treated to a "stage-managed" sympathy vote seeking exercise:
  1. That 4 well armed men had intruded the DP's home and were holed up in the "armory" and a RECCE team had been flown and driven there to contain the situation,
  2. But the pictures emanating from the scene sold them out <members of the public was freely mixing with the gun-totting police officers some who were on camera shooting into the air>,
  3. There was no-formation of attack anywhere in sight....<further sell out....a complete botched up operation>,
  4. Later, it was reported that the 1st attacker is a well known person who delivers items <food/whatever> to the construction crew at DPs compound.....who attacked the gate sentry and shot him on the leg....<hahahaaaa....> and other unknown #s then slid into the compound.......<heheheeeee.....> and were holed up in the compound!
  5. When Kenyans on the social media questioned the presence of the armory in the private premises of the DP....the police changed the story!
  6. 4 attackers been taken out of action........identities to follow......another botch!
  7. But, where were the other security officers guarding the home during all this fiasco?
  8. Was Jubilee trying to hide something like election stuffed votes via the story in DP's place?
  9. Friday NASA spilled the beans of how Jubilee admin and section of KDF was in cahoots to rig the elections...was this a diversionary tactic from the use of a section of KDF to rig elections that NASA was putting the KDF and Jubilee to task to explain <KDF contradicted itself and the Jubilee admin responses>?
  10. Now read the story below and see the amateurish botched up story!

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Police reveal who attacked DP Ruto's Sugoi home in Eldoret

Police have revealed the circumstances that led to a contingent of highly trained RECCE squad officers being flown to Deputy President William Ruto's home.

Who is saying the truth? Uhuru's administration and military contradict each other over NASA claims on rigging

Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka tabled damning documents that alleged reveal how the military is being prepared to help President Uhuru Kenyatta rig elections

Heavy gunfire at DP Ruto's home 18 hours after attack

Deputy President William Ruto's home at Sugoi in Uasin Gishu county is still under siege 18 hours after an intruder armed with a machete invaded the compound.

Uhuru, Waiguru lead Kenyans to mourn legendary entertainer Big Kev

President Uhuru Kenyatta is among the many Kenyans grieving following the death of legendary entertainer Kevin Ombajo, popularly known as Big Kev, on Saturday.


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