Thursday, July 27, 2017


I think the intention of free speech was so that the people could say the President sucks without being thrown in jail or targeted by the government. So, its sad to see that some Facebookers, like Maverick aka Robert Shaka, are still being targeted by security forces over what they post on social media.

''I am told two plain clothed police men and two in civilian clothes have been to my home today morning while am away looking for food for my family. That they want to arrest me.

The security guard who refused them from entering my house has been arrested for doing his work. I have no police sermon I have disobeyed. You want to search my home without a search warrant, when am not at home, a guard tells you it's improper then you arrest him.

The last time I checked the same police(7 of them in plain clothes armed with AK-47s) driving an IPSUM), knew my home very well but instead chose to ABDUCT me at 5.30AM on June 8th 2015, 700 meters away from the same home they had searched 3 months earlier and found no iorta of evidence of crime.

What does a Police which has no history of following the law want in my home when I have gone to work?

For donkey years I have told every monkey in the forest that am not TOM VOLTAIRE OKWALINGA(TVO) a crime every money launder has vended in Kampala when stressed financially.

Guys, find something else to do with your lives and leave me the hell alone.

Why can't the government of Uganda say exactly what they want from me? If you want to cut my stomach and get all the small people you are looking for inside my belly I tell you are just going to kill me for nothing. There are no people hiding in my small belly.

Look even Biggie Sudir Ruparelia is not in my little belly.''



*Abbey Kibirige  Semuwemba*

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