Friday, July 28, 2017


Brothers and sisters, since Wednesday l was scheduled to pray at
Bukoto mosque where we have a grand plan for the Muslim land there as
a way of consolidating it so that it survives land bonanza where
Nateete has not been spared.
However, because of a busy schedule, l could not make it at Bukoto but
prayed at Nakasero, as usual, where the Khatib was Sheikh Mukisa, a
Ugandan student in Saudi Arabia.
He is a moderate Salaf or Tabligh, who is model sheikh multi cultural
and multi religious Uganda wants and upon completion of his studies,
he should return to Uganda.
He castigated a section of Muslims who call others kaffir and don't
greet them with Salaam. He singled a one local one that started around
1982 where he said, that, they call themselves the true sect and
others are not.
Then he also said that there are here those who even don't eat meat
slaughtered by other Muslims.
He said that there is also a group from Iran who also behave that way
and he suspected that it would be the one funding these groups.
Although he had no kind words with Iran, and quoted the late Ibn Baaz,
Grand Mufti of Makkah, as saying that, Saudi Arabia should have
diplomatic relation with them the way, Prophet Muhammad had good
relations with hypocrites at Medina, he did not condemn them as non
Muslims, the way most Saudi trained sheikhs after 1979 Islamic
Revolution in Iran, call them.
He quoted Hadiths where a Muslim blood has not to be shed
unnecessarily as it has been the case here and his sermon was based on
Hadj and the teaching of the Prophet on his last Hadj where
performance was based on moderate lines but not extreme lines.
He So l have enjoyed his khutubah and teaching after khutubah so are
Many others.
For my part, l am still , as a moderate, calling for retention of
presidential age limits in 1995 Constitution, restoration of
presidential term limits that were removed in 2005, make an
improvement on Regional Governments provisions that were entrenched
in 2005, to pave way for devolution of power to regions as it is the
case in Kenya , South Africa and UK, since Central Government cannot
cater for all of us, but most important, a transitional provision
allowing those that have aged 75 years and above to stand once and for
all in 2021 and first run up automatically becomes a Leader of
Opposition in Parliament.
With the will of God, l shall be on Dream TV this evening from 7.00 pm
to 8.00 pm. Stay tuned.

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