Thursday, July 6, 2017


Fellow countrymen and countrywomen, in some countries like the Islamic
Republic of Iran, sovereignty is vested in Almighty Allah.
In others like absolute monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Swaziland,
sovereignty is vested in kings.
In parliamentary democracies like United Kingdom, sovereignty is
vested in parliaments.
In one party systems like China, North Korea, Cuba, sovereignty is
vested in the sole and ruling political party.
In popular participatory democracies like the Republic of Uganda,
sovereignty is vested in the people. They use it directly during
elections and referenda, or indirectly, through their elected
According to our constitution, some provisions are amended by
parliament. Like it did with presidential term limits in 2005.
Some provision are retrenched and are amended jointly by parliament
and district councils, like it was done of restoration of Regional
Governments in 2005.
Some are so entrenched that they are only amended by the people in a
referendum, like it was done to restore multi party democracy in 2005.
Some are jointly amended by parliament and the people in a referendum
like the presidential age limits.
According to the Romans, the voice of the people is the voice of God.
Baganda say: Abangi we basonga, ekizimba wekyabikira.

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