Saturday, July 1, 2017


Just 9 years ago, on July 1 2008, Nelson Mandela's name was taken off the United States terrorist list in a bill signed by George W Bush just before the US president left office to Obama.
Even after Mandela became a global icon, was released from jail, became president of South Africa, then handed over the presidency to his successor after his term of office, and later retired from political activism as an elderly statesman, five years to his death, the American government still officially considered Nelson Mandela a terrorist.
What is wrong with these people?
For the record, if there are any persons who shouldn't even speak about Mandela, or shouldn't have attended Madiba's funeral in 2013, it is Bush (father) and Bill Clinton. They were Presidents of the United States at the time Mandela was released from jail (1990), at the time he became president (1994), and at the time he retired (2000). All the while Bush senior and Bill Clinton had him on a terrorist watchlist together with Osama bin Laden, yet they praised Mandela in public as a peacemaker.
For the record, upon Mandela's release, he was honest enough to recognise President Idi Amin as one of the leaders who contributed significantly to the struggle against Apartheid.

By Hussein Lumumba Amin

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