Monday, July 24, 2017

{UAH} Today is 2017, can we say we respect our LCs and District Chairperson?

I am so sorry General Mavi Yakuku  Otafiire but let me tell you why they did that.

It may not come as obvious to many people, but the actions of Local and District leaders at Namboole stadium yesterday was the highest level of indiscipline any public servant can ever display to their superior. No matter how displeased a public servant is, it is wrong to show it in this manner. Local leaders threw bottle tops, pens, abused, shouted and one individual even poured water onto the Justice Minister. In my eyes, all this was really injustice and indiscipline.

But there is another side to all this that is equally not too obvious to see. Let me show it to you my people.

You see, I am a son of a former public servant. My father the Late Stanley Thuo Njoroge was District Commissioner, later a Provisional Commissioner, later a Permanent Secretary and on and on until he retired. We are many children from different mothers, but Bwana Thuo was a figure of authority and respect. He spoke little but you could feel his power and authority. He taught us how to be clean, respectful and dignified simply by example. Personally, my late dad kibogod me once in my entire life and it was because I walked out of the farm house in the morning to watch the cows being milked and I was only in a t-shirt. People, this was in Nyahururu- that place that snows

His behaviour was a mirror to us and we all admired our Father. When he passed on in July last year, he was still being referred to as Bwana DC, a position he held in the late 70s. This shows you how he was respected and had power.

 In fact the only people with some power are RDCs. Yet the "bedroom" of Public administration is the Local Council system. In the last few years, LCs have lost their power primarily because of political shifts. Before, we the locals elected LCs without thinking of their political affiliation. The reason why we have not had LC1 elections for nearly 15 years is because an intelligence brief to Mr Museveni several years ago revealed that a vast majority of them were opposed to many things government was trying to do. In fact, the line is no so unclear over the difference between the actions of an individual and those officially of a government official and those of the rule NRM. This is why we have impunity hiding behind government and the ruling party. This is why we have Ugandan security personnel and the military dressing up in NRM t-shirts. The lines are unclear and sadly, the FDC is also under the same witches spell.

Now Generali those local leaders poured water on you because they don't fell they matter or are recognized. At least not until there is something very important that needs massive mobilisation, for which they are given thanks with some peanuts. You people know a peanut? Anyway. In Parliament, MPs blackmail the system because they have power in numbers. The executive abuses power for individual profit and also blackmails the president with fake praises. It's blackmail and bribery everywhere.

Because LCs don't have that level of access, the blackmail and terrorise the local person. It is their underworld where they operate. That is why at the top level they don't see any value in Thier inclusion. That is why they nolonger care about the image of a local leader or the guiding principles that government a public servant. It is because in the larger picture they have been denied access, power and recognition. They see no value in their tiles and positions. In fact their are crime preventors who are more powerful that some senior police officers and LCs.

So they pour water on you my dear General because they are undisciplined due to lack of power, recognition and extreme poverty- in most cases, of the mind. They have become civilians like the rest of us. I can assure you they can do a strip protest given the opportunity. They are troubled and I do not think they can be redeemed. 

Now my fear is this. They have shown an example and a bad one. Which group is coming next because this TREND is not about to END.


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