Monday, July 24, 2017

{UAH} Uhuru now most likely to lose Nairobi to Raila and here is enough proof


Samuel Karanja UPDATED: 2 HOURS AGO VIEWS: 40718 Category: Politics, Kenya Elections 2017 SHARE ON FACEBOOK SEND VIA EMAIL SEND ON WHATSAPP SHARE ON FACEBOOK SEND VIA EMAIL SEND ON WHATSAPP - Nairobi is considered one of the toughest battle grounds especially between NASA and Jubilee - But latest polls show Raila has an upper hand against Raila - All three pollsters who have rleased results in the last two months give Raila and NASA a commanding lead - Nairobi alone has about 2.5 million registered voters, the highest in the entire country Fifteen days to the general election, it is now obvious that voters have already made up their minds on how they will vote on August 8 if the latest opinion polls are to be believed. Nairobi County which contributes 60% to the national GDP is definitely a very important area politically which the two main political rivals, Jubilee and NASA are fighting for. But looking at the latest opinion polls from the three local pollsters Ipsos, Infotrak and Trends and Insights for Africa(TIFA), it is obvious that NASA has an upper hand in Nairobi. The latest Infotrak poll indicate Raila has 50% lead in Nairobi compared to Uhuru's 40%.Photo:Infotrak. READ ALSO: Uhuru to beat Raila in round one if elections are held today -opinion poll The coalition's presidential candidate Raila Odinga will collect more votes in the country's capital compared to Jubilee's Uhuru Kenyatta, polls show. NASA is also the most popular political outfit in Nairobi, both past and current surveys have indicated. According to Ipsos, there has been a 23-point swing towards Raila. In May, Raila led 51% to 39%. Current poll has Raila leading at 64% to Uhuru's 28%. According to Infotrak, not much has changed in Nairobi since their last poll in June in terms of the top two candidates. READ ALSO: New opinion poll reveals Jubilee will terribly lose in Kisii Latest TIFA poll (13th to 17th July 2017) showing the popularity of Uhuru and Raila in Nairobi.Photo:TIFA. READ ALSO: Second opinion poll gives Raila the lead over Uhuru Kenyatta However, the number of undecided voters has increased by four points, from 6% in May to 10% in July. Overall, Raila is leading 50% to 40%. According to TIFA research, 55% in Nairobi would vote for Raila compared to 39% for Uhuru. At the same time, the polls indicate that Uhuru should be worried of voters' trend in Coast and Eastern. In May, Ipsos poll showed that 13% of the voters in Coast were undecided. At that time, Raila led 59% to 26%. In the current poll, Ipsos has the undecided voters at 5%. Raila's now has 63% compared to Uhuru's 24%. READ ALSO: Millie Odhiambo hospitalised Uhuru now most likely to lose NAIROBI to Raila and here is enough proof Both Infotrak and Ipsos show an interesting pattern that should make Jubilee a bit nervous about Eastern. Infotrak shows that there has been an eighteen-point swing towards Raila from June when Uhuru led 58% to 37%, to the current Uhuru lead of 47% to 44%. Per Ipsos, in Eastern, there has been a seven point swing towards Raila. In May, Uhuru led 51% to 36%. Current poll has Uhuru leading 49% to 41%. Uhuru reveals who he prefers between Sonko and Kenneth Read more:

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