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{UAH} The following were the people who were killed at River Rwizi in June 1979.

The following were the people who were killed at River Rwizi in June 1979.

Adult males

1.         Abdallah Segluligamba

2.         Abubaker Katongole

3.         Abdu Ishangabashaija

4.         Nashir Semwogerere

5.         Ismail Sempa

6.         Bruhane Sentende

7.         Idris Serujunge

8.         Umar Nsamba

9.         Hussein Serunjogi

Adult females

1.         Hayrat Namakula

2.         Hadija Namayanja

3.         Aisha Kasule

4.         Hadija Mukibi

5.         Sania Nalubega

6.         HaliimaNabatanzi

7.         Hadija Nanteza

8.         Zuhra Namakula

9.         Naira Nabunya

10.       Mariam Tibanagwa

11.       Bint Juma Nakayenga

12.       Mastula Nakato

13.       Layusa Bakazibaguma

14.       Nafsi Nabatanzi

15.       Nuliat Mbabazi

16.       Aisha Nalongo

17.       Zaituna Namakula

18.       Zaina Namakula

19.       Aidat Kenyana

20.       Amana Nantande

21.       Nuliat Kaweesa

22.       Hadija Kayinda


1.         Nuliat Namakula

2.         Abdu Katende

3.         Madina Nabukalu

4.         Luuba Namakula

5.         Zainab Nakayinda

6.         Aisha Nantende

7.         Madia Namakula

8.         Taha Habyalimana

9.         Mariam Nabukalu

10.       Madina Nakawesa

11.       Hamida Nansamba

12.       Naziru Nsamba

13.       Muzida Nsamba

14.       Ibrahim Kabuye

15.       Zinab Nabunya

16.       Rehema Nakachwa

17.       Luub Magala

18.       Muzaphar Kabuye

19.       Ismail Kato

20.       Khamiyat Nabukalu

21.       Hadija Nassaka

22.       Haliima Nbatanzi

23.       Bitijuma Nakayanja

It  cannot  be  proclaimed  that  these  atrocities  in  anyway  took a form  of political struggle. It was pure murder because some of the people killed were very old men and women and others were children and babies. Abubaker  Katongole  was  80  years, Segululigamba  was 75, Haliima Nbatanzi was 80, Aisha Katende was 85, Nuliat Namakula was 2, Hamida  Nansamba  was  18 months.  Most of the children were below 5 years.

It should also be  noted  that  the  list here  includes  only  those  people  from  one  county, and  not  all  of  them were  recorded. The names of the rest of the people who died throughout Ankole District are not available to us. In addition, it was not even possible to recover all the bodies of the people known to have died.

For instance, of the 64 people we have recorded here, only 36 bodies were recovered from the water in which they were thrown. They were  buried  at  a  time  of  fear  and  distress, with  intimidation  being carried out by soldiers (the purported liberators) and other government officials  whose  duty  should  be  to  protect  all citizens. It was not possible to burry them in their homes as this was "a danger zone"; so they were buried in mass graves at Nyamitanga mosque in Mbarara. The survivors fled the area and went to settle in Kyazanga in Masaka District, leaving their land to be occupied by their 


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