Thursday, August 3, 2017

{UAH} Former UPC chairman Edward Rurangaranga dies


Major Edward Rurangaranga was a congressman up to his bone marrows. His dedication to party and country stood the test of time, both joyous and sad. An upfront and no-nonsense political operator who took few prisoners, Rurangaranga was responsible for the grassroots revitalisation of the UPC in the greater west through-out the period of the Idi Amin tyranny. He was literally the life blood of the party, the umbilical cord through which the two wings of the party, the exiled one in Tanzania and the internal one inside Uganda fed each other during the darkest days of the dictatorship. Rurangaranga  led the party's war against the Amin tryranny from inside Uganda itself  Very few people have put their lives on the line so that the many may live. He was subsequently a key figure in the efforts of the UPC party to lift Uganda up from the doldrums and devastation it had descended into after 9 years of monstrous tyranny. 

Major Rurangaranga was a generous man, who loved people, including even his own sworn enemies, many of whom benefited from his magnanimity and kindness. He leaves behind a huge hole in the party that he served with distinction for his entire life. But he also bequeaths a cherished legacy of duty and resolve that should serve the party well in the turbulent waters that lie ahead. In these difficult times of yet another monstrous and callous tyranny under a  fascist Rwandan regime of occupation led by Kayibanda Museveni, it is Rurangaranga's steely determination and never say die attitude that epitomises the quality  most party cadres need to imbue and assidiously apply if we are ever to remove Kayibanda Museveni by any means necessary. We must end the occupation of our country and assure the second Liberation Of Our Country and fulfill one of the tasks that former party President Milton Obote set for us and in  In this ardous task, Major Rurangaranga's fighting spirit will serve us well.

Major Rurangaranga is dead, but not gone  from our hearts and our minds  He will be sadly missed . May his soul rest in eternal peace.


Former UPC chairman Edward Rurangaranga dies 

Former UPC Party National Chairman Rtd Major

Former UPC Party National Chairman Rtd Major Edward Rurangaranga 

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