Saturday, August 5, 2017

{UAH} Fwd: Reporter's hilarious reaction to spokesperson statement on Trump's truthfulness

FAO: Edward Irundrua

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Reporter's hilarious reaction to spokesperson statement on Trump's truthfulness

Trump takes a darker turn in response to losing bigly

Trump supporter attacks three people after comments on his MAGA hat

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Cartoon: Very normal

Hot damn! Check this female Marine pilot's intro ad for Kentucky's 6th
district Congressional race

Two of Trump's favorite generals had a pact: One of them must remain
in the US at all times to supervise Trump

White House official offers a bumbling excuse about why Trump has yet
to sign Russia sanctions bill

Bad news for Nevada Republican Dean Heller and good news for Democrats
in new poll

Joy-Ann Reid: Trump is who the real GOP is and Republican elites ashamed

Sign the petition: All Americans deserve paid family leave. It's the
right thing to do.

Jeff Sessions just put a military general in charge of our federal
prison system

Republicans push forward a bill to take away cheap phones and Internet
from low-income families

Lawsuit alleges Fox News worked directly with the Trump White House to
push fabricated story

Banning grandparents is inhumane

Trump and Sessions turn Civil Rights Division into weapon to protect
white privilege

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