Friday, August 4, 2017

{UAH} Makerere Female Student Disarms Gunman In Attempted Shooting

Makerere Female Student Disarms Gunman In Attempted Shooting

BY Raymond Wamala
Fear ripped through residents of Kimwanyi Zone Wandegeya Kawempe division Kampala as a female student of Makerere university battled to disarm a security guard who attempted to rob her on gunpoint.

Claire Ninsiima a student of Bachelors of Commerce External also a mobile money agent on Tuesday evening at around 7:30pm while at her work place was attacked by a male security guard attached to Tiger security group trying to rob from her.

The disarmed security guard has been identified as Alex Omala.

Ninsiima narrated to this website that while she was at her work place, she saw a man coming towards her with a gun and told her to stand up, rise her hands and he point her on gun point.
She added that the security guard later released a bullet which scared her and scampered for her life.

"After firing the first bullet, I saw him fidgeting to load another bullet in the chamber and I just jumped onto to his neck and wrestled him down and I grabbed the gun from him." Ninsiima added.

She added that she was helped by the people around who helped her to arrest him and tie his hands.
ASP Joseph Nsabimana the divisional police commander Wandegeya, police station says when they received information police rushed to the scene and picked the suspect.
Nsabimana explained that upon interrogation, the suspect mentioned one Hakim Burihani as the person who had hired him at a cost of two hundred thousand shillings to finish the life of Ninsiima.
Hakim Burihani a resident of Kimwanyi was later arrested by police and upon searching at his place of residence, police recovered its two pairs of boots and one police button.
The police preliminary investigations show that Burihani was a tenant at the houses where Ninsiima is a care taker.

The also report shows that Hakim was being demanded seven months of rent arrears and had not cleared.
It is reported that Burhan's motive behind the attempted robbery and Murder was to kill the Ninsiima such that he could go free without paying the accumulated rent arrears.

The two suspects are being held at Wandegeya police station on charges of attempted murder and attempted Robbery under police vide SD 63/01/08/2017,


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