Thursday, August 3, 2017


l have been on ATV this morning with some other people. They have
talked 2011 Egyptian revolution that ousted President Hassan Mubarak.
i have said that the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 that ousted King
Faruq, was master minded by Gamal Abdounasser and involved Anwar
Sadaat and Hassan Mubarak , among others. It first install Gen. Neguib
but soon replaced by Nasser and then Nasser died in 1970 and was
succeeded by Sadaat, and he was assassinated in 1981 and was succeeded
by Mubarak. Next generations became impatient and resorted to a
revolution in 2011 for they had waited since 1952 and could not jump
the queue.
So for any FRONASA , UPM or NRM Historical to warm up succeeding
President Museveni after over 30 years in power, next generations will
become impatient and may resort to a revolution.
The best is a five year democratically elected transitional government
from 2021 to 2026 after which President Museveni and his generation
hand over power to the new generation.

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