Wednesday, August 9, 2017


My neighbor in Mawogola, Gen .David Sejusa, and relatives, friends and
in laws, had spoken their mind during his daughter's kuhingira.
It would have dominated the media all this week. Utterances of the
generals; Elly Tumwine and Davida Sejusa, then the Biraros. then
Aronda's relatives, etc...
All this was overlapped by the baptism anniversary story.
Hadn't learnt about what was to happen to Ssembabul;e, and diverted
the people;s attention completely?
What about the "Togikwatako," and"K'ogikwatako?" Then MPs demanding
hundreds of money over constitutional amendment?
YKM is still extra ordinary.
That is why l am for a five year democratically elected transitional
government from 2021-2026 when the second run up shall be Leader of
Opposition in Parliament, and any presidential candidate with five
percent and above, should be an MP.
We should also have fully fledged regional governments, as central
government is criticized that is of relatives, friends and in laws, at
least regional governments, democratically elected, as it is the case
in Kenya, South Africa and UK, shall be a consolation,and a senate,
since, in East Africa, it is only Uganda and Tanzania without upper
Details on coalition governments should also be in a constitution so
that things are in broad day light other than the present NRM / UPC
and NRM/DP alliance which is denied by every body but seen by any
serious person.

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