Thursday, December 28, 2017

{UAH} Former Arsenal Star Emmanuel Eboue Tests Positive For HIV

Frank Mujabi/ WBK/  Moses Nekyon/ Ikanos/ Gwokto and Football Fans,

What do you make of the sad fate of Emmanuel Eboue the former Arsenal and Ivory Coast defender? Eboue had a distinguished career in the Premier. he was not spectular, but was a steady and reliable defender who just got on with the job, without much fanfare, making very few unenforced errors. Eboue is now enaged in the biggest fight of his life as you can see below. But more worryingly, his wife ahs tthrown him out and has obtained court orders effectively talking complete control of all his assets here in the UK. Ebou was one of those less educated footballers who married a woman more educated then himself and he made her his manager throughout his career. So she combined being his wife as well as his manager, This was a fata mistake, which was also committed by the boxer Frank Bruno, whose wife was also a university graduated whom he employed as his manager. When Bruno's career as a boxer ended, the wife quickly divorced him and too almost all his assets with her, leaving Bruno penniless. Bruno has never recovered, and is in and out of mental institutions  ever since. I don't know too much about Eboue's sepration from his wife, may be HIV has had a huge role to play in it, plus the fact that they also have 3 young children

The good news for him is that one of his folremr clubs, Galatarasy of Turkey has throum him a life line as Coach of the Under 14 team.

Life can be tough if you don't know how to look after yourself.


Former Arsenal star, Emmanuel Eboue tests positive to HIV

Former Arsenal and Galatasary player, Emmanuel Eboue has been diagnosed with HIV.

The player's agent, Tekin Birinci, posted an update on Facebook: "Unfortunately is true that we are facing some medical problems about Eboue. He will go to England… so we will know how serious it is".
Emmanuel Eboue will fly to England to have further tests after it was discovered the 34-year-old had contracted HIV, according to Goal Turkey.
Report claimed the virus was discovered as the former Galatasaray and Arsenal star was having a medical for Cypriot side Limassol.

The HIV virus was detected in Ebuoe's blood.
The Ivorian made 215 appearances for Arsenal during his six-year spell in north London. Scoring 10 goals and assisting a further 20.

In 2001 the right-back moved to Turkish giants Galatasaray, winning two Super Lig titles as well as a Turkish league cup in his four years at the club.

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